Encoding (with AES hardware support)

All our servers have commands for hardware-supported AES encryption. This allows you to encrypt your data in real time with AES 256 bit, one of the safest encryption methods currently available, without affecting the performance of your severs. The speed of encryption is ten times higher than without hardware support.


All our quotations include professional firewalls. You can provide individual firewall settings for each server. You can also activate an additional firewall as required. Your servers are therefore protected by several firewalls. Only a few small and medium-sized companies have security structures of such high quality today.


We have established direct links to all Swiss networks to ensure optimal connectivity to the Swiss Internet. This implies that data packets will be transferred directly, thus ensuring maximum security for all data transmissions within Switzerland.

We use some of the best European service providers and link up with Asia through connections to the two largest Asian service providers. Data packets to Asia are directly routed to Asia, without a detour via European or American partner companies.

100% Swiss

All your servers and data are 100% located in Switzerland. Our infrastructure is distributed over several data centres in Switzerland. In addition, we offer all our customers full transparency regarding the exact location of their servers and where their data are stored (data centre, rack).

The high legal security, the strong data protection laws and Swiss tradition of confidentiality make Switzerland an ideal location for your company.