Set-up a server in no time
  • No ordering, receiving and unpacking.
  • No cabling or cumbersome shipping and logistics.
  • No time-killing installation with tonnes of updates.

 Buy your virtual cloud server ready to use in two simple steps.

High availability

Nothing worse than a crashed server! Our infrastructure provides with a datacentre that offers 99,999% availability.


Our Servers are in very professional, highly secured datacentres.

Data security thanks to Swiss discretion

All your servers and data are 100% located Switzerland - outside the US and EU. Our infrastructure is distributed in certified datacentres in Switzerland.

The high legal certainty, the strong data protection laws and the Swiss tradition of discretion makes Switzerland the ideal location for your data.


Backbone Solutions AG with its registered office in Switzerland.


We always use the latest technology and re-invest into our infrastructure.

For our customers

We always act in your best interests and look to achieve the best outcome for you.