The Hybrid cloud edge

virtual server swiss army knife

Today’s new age computing looks for speed of delivery, increased uptime and cost optimization while delivering. These capabilities form the bedrock of hybrid cloud which organizations foster to have the business edge. Several benefits underlie this exodus. Let us take a quick look at the advantages that a hybrid cloud network provides.

Asset management

The hybrid cloud is taking the center stage and pulls all the attention. The fast pace, frequent changes in the business environments compel an organization to look for some distinct advantages - it allows to maximize asset management by balancing the internal assets and external services, permitting business possibilities that can be extended to customers. Hybrid helps a firm to bring together both isolation and union of public and private cloud to segregate specific resources and services. For instance, in-house intranet communication, organization specific sensitive information can stay on private cloud while brochures and unrestricted resources can stay on the public clouds.

Quick scaling of resources

Adding resources is far easier as hybrid will allow the company network administrators to add or drop servers and other hardware resources over the hybrid cloud as deemed fit. With the increasing demand for an organization being flexible, hybrid can inflate or minimize its hardware-software extent thereby providing the organization cater to diverse customers. The transition is achieved by using cloud bursting technologies that lets applications and resources transparently move from private data centers to public clouds without any downtime giving the users asynchronous connectivity across varying IT loads.

Data security and resiliency

Hybrid presents complete security and preserves data confidentiality for both client and service provider. Using technologies like Identity and Access Management (IAM) service, an organization can deploy fine-grained controls to limit individual users to the extent they can play. By integrating users’ existing Active Directory, or authentication platforms, security of data becomes impregnable. Hybrid cloud can be tweaked to give users access to detailed logs of all activity taking place providing the scope to audit activities. Use of web-based tokens and limited-time restricted access are potent tools hybrid uses for data protection. Hybrid’s data resiliency is strapping the data with fail safe software preventing any susceptibility to data corruption.

Disaster management and cost effectiveness

Hybrid is uniquely poised to prevent any exigencies as far as loss of data is concerned. Hybrid allows to interconnect multiple servers and in case any backend server goes offline, the backup servers’ switch seamlessly and flow in the data and the business moves on without any disruption. Hybrid cloud administrators offers its users the flexibility to deploy and remove new or planned functionality as and when required without the setup having to face any downtime. One can configure hybrid cloud across private and public clouds, empowering users to achieve significant economies of scale with zero exposure to mission-critical applications or essential business data to vulnerability. Tailoring the architectural differences of public and private clouds, one site can be made to act as primary and another for implementing disaster management. Alternatively, use of multiple sites, each acting as primary supporting an organization’s regular business hours and as a backup during less loaded hours. By shifting workloads competently and steadily between the sites make hybrid extremely safe for complete data integrity. has a solution for every customer need. Our Linux and Windows entry, advanced and premium server offerings can partner your business plans effectively. Your high availability and geo-redundancy needs are addressed by as it spreads its infrastructure across three Zurich based Equinix datacenters. Simultaneously, our Dell Intel servers add robustness to your hybrid cloud implementations. Our servers are fast and extremely secure. Give your customers the edge of flexibility, ease of use and complete maintainability to manage diverse and multiple business circumstances.